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About the Photographer

Hailing from Rochester Hills, MI nature and wildlife photographer Keith R. Lowrie has been a Michigan resident for over 40 years. His education coupled with his passion for the outdoors led him to an interest in documenting nature. Keith is also an avid fly-fisherman who discovered a second interest and talent for Outdoor Photography. In the late 90's Keith began to pursue a Film degree with his first Film class at Michigan State University and the remaining at Oakland University. His focus and concentration was Film Aesthetics and History. Keith has also taken Photography classes at Mott Colllege as well. With a BGS and Biology degree from Oakland University, Keith's intention was to become an independent film maker of nature and wildlife documentaries. Keith to date has produced, directed and edited a fair amount of videos for educational purposes. Having a keen eye for detail and composition, Keith's photographs are very unique in the way he captures light, shadow and color. The enjoyment and careful approach for framing subjects and tediously skilled  post production has led him to become a true Photographic Artist. He feels that his still shots also tell a story or atleast speak some words. "My goal is to patiently approach Outdoor Photography waiting for the perfect capture to reach that desired shot...when editing my images I wait for the process to somewhat talk to me and when this occurs the photo almost 'pops' and I know that I am on the right track." Keith hopes to travel both in and out of state in the near future for photo opportunities and for Fine Art Shows. "I wish every spectator to look at my work with stimulation and alertness as to appreciate the nature and wildlife among us!"

Photographers Style & Technique

Digital Outdoor Nature & Wildlife Photography meant to stimulate interest through visual aesthetics of composition, light, shadow and color

May Peace and Happiness be instilled upon you through photography and May the passion of taking and processing photos add to your pleasure of viewing them!

Sincere Regards,

K. R. Lowrie

KRL Outdoor Photography

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